Revolutionizing Gynecological Surgery with vNOTES: Dr. Vindhya G's Expertise

Welcome to the forefront of gynecological surgery innovation. Dr. Vindhya Gemaraju, a pioneer in the field, proudly introduces vNOTES (vaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery) to South India. With a track record of completing more than 100 vNOTES procedures, Dr. Vindhya G is at the forefront of a minimally invasive surgical revolution. Explore the transformative potential of vNOTES and how Dr. Vindhya G's expertise is changing the landscape of gynecological surgery.

Meet Dr. Vindhya G - A Leader in vNOTES Surgery

Dr. Vindhya G's Expertise

Dr. Vindhya G is a distinguished gynecologist and a leading expert in vNOTES surgery. Her commitment to innovation and patient-centered care has set a new standard for gynecological procedures in South India.

Pioneering vNOTES in South India

As the first vNOTES surgeon in South India, Dr. Vindhya G has been instrumental in introducing this advanced surgical technique to the region. Her dedication to offering minimally invasive options has transformed the lives of countless women.

What is vNOTES Surgery?

A Revolutionary Approach

vNOTES surgery represents a revolutionary advancement in gynecological surgery. It enables minimally invasive procedures through natural body orifices, like the vaginal canal, without external incisions. Dr. Vindhya G's mastery of this technique offers patients an unparalleled level of care.

Redefining Minimally Invasive Surgery

vNOTES surgery minimizes scarring, reduces postoperative pain, and accelerates recovery, making it a game-changer in gynecological procedures.

Procedures Performed with vNOTES


Dr. Vindhya G has successfully performed vNOTES hysterectomies, providing patients with the benefits of a quicker recovery and minimal scarring.


Her expertise extends to vNOTES myomectomies, offering a less invasive approach to removing uterine fibroids while preserving fertility.

Ovarian Cyst Removal

Dr. Vindhya G's skill in vNOTES includes ovarian cyst removal, reducing the need for abdominal incisions and promoting faster healing.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Dr. Vindhya G's skill in vNOTES includes Ectopic Pregnancy management by salpingectomy (Removal of the Tubal Pregnancy), reducing the need for abdominal incisions and promoting faster healing.

The Advantages of vNOTES Surgery

No Scarring on Abdomen

With vNOTES, scarring is virtually eliminated as all incisions are made internally through the vaginal canal.

Speedy Recovery

Patients experience shorter recovery times and can return to their daily lives more quickly than with traditional open surgery.

Enhanced Comfort

vNOTES surgery is associated with reduced postoperative pain and discomfort, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Lower Pain medication

vNOTES surgery, as there are no incision on abdomen, pain is very low comparing with traditional laparoscopy method, it warrants lower pain medication when it is performed by a expert surgeon like Dr Vindhya G.

Is vNOTES Right for You?

Personalized Consultation

Dr. Vindhya G and her team provide personalized consultations to assess your specific medical needs and discuss whether vNOTES surgery is a suitable option for you.

Patient-Centered Care

With a patient-centric approach, Dr. Vindhya G ensures that you receive individualized treatment plans that align with your unique preferences and health goals.

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If you're seeking the most advanced and minimally invasive solutions for your gynecological condition, look no further than Dr. Vindhya G's expertise in vNOTES surgery. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vindhya G, a true visionary in gynecological care. Your health, comfort, and well-being are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to offering you the very best in innovative surgical solutions.

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